Saturday, June 6, 2009

You Don't Know Jack

A few weeks ago, one of our nurses responded to another nurse who made a passing comment about Jack's vital signs by saying, "You don't know jack." In so many ways, that is true for us as well. First, we don't know jack about preemies. We know much more than we did three weeks ago, but it's still so little. Second, we don't know Jack. Every time we ask a question about how he is doing compared to other preemies, we get the same response, "You can't compare one preemie baby to other preemie babies." Jack is unique, just like all preemie babies are unique. This explains why some babies that are born at his size and weight don't make it this far. We certainly hope and pray for his health and for his doctors, but from one hour to the next, everything can change.

As you heard in the update last weekend, times were tough. Since then, he's had some stable/boring days, which we appreciate. The swelling in his body is down, he now weighs 1 pound, 10 ounces (born at 1 pound, 2.4 ounces), and they even tried to feed him real milk for the first time this week. Those feedings normally have to start and stop a lot as preemie babies don't do well with digestive issues.

If he remains stable over the weekend, he will undergo a major surgery on Monday to close his fetal artery, also known as the PDA. This artery normally closes off on its own with term babies as they start to breathe after birth. In preemies (especially micro-preemies like Jack), surgery is often needed. The heart surgeon will make an incision on his side, separate his ribs, push aside his lung, and put a clamp on this artery. We've been told that babies can have many complications after this surgery as their tiny bodies adjust.

Jack has also reached another milestone today - 3 weeks since he was born! We know he has many more hurdles to clear, and months in the NICU, but we continue to believe in our little boy so that one day you can say that you "know Jack."

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Julie said...

This post made me tear up. I so want to know Jack. Praying still.

katieoz said...

wow! thank you so much for updating. Chris and I are still praying for you guys, every night!

Blalock said...

Praying! Praying! Praying! Feel especially close to this little guy since my husband's name is Jack! Thank you for updating us so we can know how to pray.

Marian said...

"I don't know Jack" but will for sure pray for your little guy. From what I have read, you all have quite the fighter in your hands. God has blessed you with a precious miracle. Jack makes me think about the important things in life. Thank you Jack. Hang tough Buddy.

Whitney said...

You will get to know Jack more daily! Todd and I are praying for the three of you.

momoquads said...

Just found your blog today and I have been reading it for about an hour. Your comment about no one preemie being like another is so true. My 26.4 week quads all had such different paths. My one son barely had a hiccup from day one and came home before his due date; however I had one son pass away from NEC at just eighteen days old; my third son had many hurdles but ultimately over came his chronic lung disease and is a healthy toddler; and my only little girl stayed with us for seven and half months before her little heart and lungs just couldn't keep up with demands anymore. I had four babies who all had the same 'oven' and 'baked' for the same amount of time but had completely different outcomes. My two remaining miracle boys will turn two in about 10 days and both are perfect and just a few months behind developmentally.