Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jack: Mini-Jon or Mini-Jessi?

Hey all,

Yesterday, Jack underwent a fairly hefty surgery to close his fetal artery. Although babies can often have some significant complications with this invasive procedure, he seems to be taking it okay. The next few days will have a lot of ups and downs for Jack as his little body adjusts to a completely new blood flow, blood pressure and more. He's a bit swollen, he has needed a little extra help on his ventilator, and he's been given a few extra drugs to dope him up quite a bit (oh the wonders of morphine), but we've been assured that the procedure went well and his difficulties are typical.

On a different note, we've been noticing a lot more physical characteristics of his over the past week. We're seeing what makes Jack look like the boy he's going to be. We start analyzing the little things about him as we closely try to decipher if Jack is a Bennion or a Miller, a blonde or brunette, traits from his German-Russian blend of European ancestry or...well...traits from his German-Russian blend of European ancestry. Here are a few preliminary observations we've noted:

1. Jack has a butt chin. You know, a nice big indentation at the center of jowl that somehow says, "I'm cute. Pay attention to me." I wish I could take sole credit for this nice dimple of his, but Jessi also brings the butt chin gene along. I should also note that he has the potential for an above average nose, which is almost unavoidable for Bennion and Miller boys. One point for both of us.

2. Jack has developed some white fuzz on his scalp which we are calling hair. We've been warned that he will likely shed these nice blond locks and then grow another set down the road. Point for me - the blondie in the family.

3. I'm not sure if you can tell whether a baby will have attached or unattached earlobes at this point given the fact that they barely have cartilage, but his appear to be attached. Point for Jessi.

4. And that's where the competition ends. He's got my chicken legs, my non-existent rear-end, and my oversized head. While some try to convince me that many of these traits accompany most other preemies of 26 weeks, I feel better about declaring a quick and early victory.

I guess I'm a little biased, though. If Jessi wrote her own email, you may get a little different take. See for yourself and make up your own mind with the photos we attached tonight. The pictures make him look a lot bigger than he actually is (not quite 2 lbs. yet), but definitely don't show how cute he actually is either.

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Blalock said...

He's beautiful! I have never been good about seeing parents in their kids faces. I can't even really see anything in my own three, but everyone else can. So I"ll believe everything you said until Jessi makes her own observations. :)

Whitney said...

Thanks for another wonderful update!

Idaho Hodges said...

So sweet! WE are praying for all of you! Keep updating us. We check back often to see how baby Jack is doing.

Lou de B said...

Actually, you can see how cute he is! I think it's adorable. As is the photo (posted more recently but of these times) when he is on your chest and he is so so so so so so tiny. But so cute.