Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jack be Nimble

Jack had a busy time last week, but he seems to be doing fairly well. He had two surgeries that lasted three hours, including the placement of a reservoir in his head and a central line into his neck. The reservoir allows the doctor to drain excess fluid in his head, which is caused by the hemorrhages he experienced in his first 48 hours. The central line goes into a vein in his neck so he can get higher concentrations of nutrition in the form of preemie Gatorade (glorified sugar water with vitamins).

The doctor has also added some other extras to help get Jack stronger. In the past two days, Jack has joined an exclusive club consisting of Baseball Hall of Famers, Pro-Wrestlers, and at least one Governor of California. That's right - Jack is on steroids. These performance enhancing drugs won't make him win any Tour de France in the next little while, but they do help his lungs. These treatments will hopefully allow him to go off the ventilator soon. In addition, Jack got a nice shot of caffeine yesterday. Apparently this reminds his body to breathe on its own, which also prepares him to come off the ventilator eventually. No wonder so many of us depend on a latte or Diet Coke to get us through the day. And finally, he is back on milk feedings. The portions are small (approximately 12 drops every three hours). It has more to do with getting his digestive system on track rather than providing all the nutrition he needs.

All of these great substances, along with the lack of IVs in his arms and legs, have allowed him to show us some Preemie Yoga. He shows off various poses and stretches during the day when he's not totally zonked out. Sometimes it turns into full-blown baby aerobics. This may have contributed to his recent weight loss along with his body finally getting rid of all excess fluid. He's lost a few ounces, but the doctors and nurses don't seem alarmed by it.

Yesterday was a great first Father's Day for me since I got to hold him for almost two hours. He urinated on me twice, and I am positive this was his way of saying, "You're alright." The nurses took a nice "Super Boy" photo as a gift for Father's Day, which I have attached to the email today. Thanks again for all your emails, calls and texts.

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Whitney said...


Blalock said...

What a wonderful update. We are praying, praying, praying. Lots of love to all of you.

TxsChatterbox said...

YAY Jack!!! That is wonderful that he is doing so well. He looks great and looks long!

katieoz said...

hanging on to every word of every update! Praying for you guys! As are MANY people, whom you have never met! :)

Jessi said...

Thanks everyone! It is so encouraging to know people are praying and thinking about us through this time.

Debbie said...

Jack looks so good. I'm praying regularly for him. He's your little miracle boy. I love his blonde fuzz. So cute!