Sunday, May 31, 2009

One-Eyed Jack

Don't let the subject line fool you - Jack does have two eyes. We know because he showed them to us yesterday! The one-eyed Jack story comes from the fact that he didn't open them both at the same time. Apparently, he opened one eye during the night. When the doctor came in the next morning, she said she couldn't stand to look at him with just one she gently popped the other one open. One of the pictures I attached tonight shows him with his eyes (which look more like black pearls) slightly open. The other is a photo of him sleeping in him new favorite position on his stomach.

The medical staff continues to do brain scans to see if any hemorrhages have grown or evolved. We know these hemorrhages may have permanently damaged parts of his brain, but we may not know the true effects of them until after he leaves the hospital. And that will be months if everything goes well. If his brain starts to swell as a result of the hemorrhages, they may have to put in a reservoir, and then a shunt. There's not much to for us to do other than pray for the best.

The staff is also hoping he is getting over the infection. They won't know for sure until a few more days. The big thing is starting him on feedings. This is where they'll test out his digestive system with a small dose of milk (a fifth of a teaspoon to be exact). He may also be scheduled next week for a surgery that will close off his fetal artery around his heart. This artery is supposed to close off on its own, but it often doesn't in preemies. In short, they make an incision in his back, split a few of his back ribs, push aside his lung and then staple the artery shut. It's a big deal, but we've been assured it usually has good results.

Thanks again for your prayers and support through this process. Jack will be two weeks old tomorrow, a milestone we will certainly be celebrating.

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