Wednesday, May 27, 2009

News on Jessi and Baby Jack

Thanks again to everyone who has sent us encouraging emails, texts and phone messages. They definitely lift our spirits and give us a great appreciation for our awesome family and friends. Jessi was discharged from the hospital today, which was bitter-sweet. She has not totally recovered from the underlying condition that led to the emergency c-section, and it was emotionally hard to leave the hospital without a baby in her arms. The good news is her parents live just a little over a mile away from the hospital, so we are able to stay close to Jack.

Jack’s condition has been fairly stable the last few days. He has developed jaundice, which is totally normal for a preemie. For the last few days he has had to bake like a little french fry under a hot jaundice lamp, and that has done a number on his skin (which really isn’t even skin yet). The photo I’m attaching tonight is Jack under the lamp with a nice oversized, unisex hat and some shades that protect his fused eyes.

We still don’t know how the brain hemorrhages will affect him short-term or long-term, but many of his other signs are fairly stable for now. We will try to keep you all updated every few days. Thanks again for all your love and support,

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