Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jessi and Jack

Hey everyone,

Just a quick update with a few pictures we snapped tonight. Jessi is doing better each day as she recovers from the c-section and the preeclampsia. Her blood pressure is back to normal and she had her staples taken out on Friday. We try and go see Baby Jack as much as possible without being a pain for the nurses.

Little Jack celebrated his first full week in the world yesterday. He got a new hat that actually fits better, a beanie baby bear/angel that sits in his incubator, and the nurses took the french fry lamp (for jaundice) away. I also gave him my little Superman cape I wore when I had my tonsils out in kindergarten. The jaundice light was pretty harsh, and his skin shows it. You can see where they have put some cream on parts of his belly and legs, which will help it heal and be less dry.

We found out today he's going to have to have a "picc line" put in, which will be inserted into his arm and go up into his chest. Doesn't sound very pleasurable, but it will help the medical staff with a number of procedures. They have also put him on antibiotics because they suspect he might have a bit of infection. He's getting good care, though, and lots of love.

Thanks again for your prayers, emails, calls, texts and more. Feel free to pass these updates along to people who know us.

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Julie said...

I love this picture! He looks so sweet.