Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tomorrow is the day!

Boy or girl? That is the question we have talked about for months. Tomorrow we finally get to find out!!!

Most people have been predicting a girl. I think out of the dozens of people who have guessed, maybe 2 said it is a boy. There are all these old wives tales regarding gender. Every singe time I have met with my Dr., she mentions how the baby's heart rate is over 140 - an old wives tale meaning it's a girl. It will just be so fun to find out!

I really don't care about the gender. Part of me thinks it is a girl, probably because I imagine dressing up my baby in super cute clothes and because I am a girl myself. We are more clear on boy names though, so I already have a little "Jack" in my imagination.

All I know is that this baby is going to be super cute... whenever I see pictures of Jon as a baby and toddler, with his white-blond hair, I can just imagine what our kids will look like.

24 hours!!!!!!!
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Blalock said...

Ugh! I was just about to ask why you hadn't posted what the results were and then I realized that you were probably sleeping still. Darn time change! I guess I can wait. :)

Barbara said...

Yay, how exciting. I love the name Jack! Of course you and Jon are going to have beautiful children.

Lindsay said...

Now you get to shop on Etsy for BOY things! :)

Jon said...

That Philadelphia Eagles themed nursery is going to look sweet! ;)

katieoz said...

Jack is such a cute name. Very popular right now, too! I have met about 10 little baby Jacks lately.

Kim Pace said...

We had a harder time with boy names - unfortunate since we have 2 boys! We've had a girl name picked out forever! Congrats on finding out it is a boy! Little boys are fun! I love my little guys!