Monday, April 6, 2009

Perfect Afternoon

It is finally Spring! The snow is gone from our backyard and even though it is still a little damp, I decided to spend the perfect afternoon outside.
Ingredients for a Perfect Afternoon:
  • blankets
  • water bottle
  • good book (been reading an awesome book on living biblically...asking a lot of the questions I always seem to wonder about)
  • Daisy Sue for company
  • sunshine
  • birds chirping
  • sound of neighbor kids playing
  • cell phone (for taking pictures of Daisy playing... sending them to Jon...wishing Jon was able to enjoy the outdoors with me)
  • day dreaming
  • tulips coming up through the dirt
  • perfect blue sky
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Barbara said...

Wow, Jessi, sounds wonderful! I joked with my class last night that all of their sun salutations are finally paying off! I'm also enjoying Living Biblically. Good choice.

Julie said...

That does sound wonderful. I sat on the front steps with Caleb and watched the cars going to the post office. I think he could do that for hours. My butt got a little sore. :)