Monday, March 16, 2009

60 Things

I have absolutely loved reading similar posts from friends on 60 Things they are grateful for. I think today is the perfect day to do my own list because I have not felt good at all lately. It is just fun to remind myself of the little (and big) things that make me happy. And trust me, it will be hard to keep this list to 60...

In no particular order:

1) Reading, while laying in the grass in our backyard, during the summer

2) Singing classical chorale music with a really good choir (think Helena Symphony and Rimrock Opera Company)

3) Hearing my baby's heartbeat

4) Going to outdoor concerts at places like the Gorge

5) Traveling with my husband

6) Planning my next travel adventure... where to eat, shop, stay, see

7) Missoula Farmer's Market (or any Farmer's Market with Jon... like the one in San Fran)

8) Baking and dreaming about working in a bakery

9) Going to school and dreaming about my course schedule and things I would research

10) Big Train Spiced Chai

11) Downtown Missoula with my mom (favorite shops, grabbing coffee at the Break, eating at El Caz)

12) Watching a movie or playing Rock Band at my in-law's house... theater room anyone?

13) The best store ever... H & M (besides Anthropologie)

14) Talking politics with Jon

15) Teaching

16) Anything crafty... craft nights with friends or watching Jon's mom make some freakin' masterpiece and dreaming someday I could be as artistic as her.

17) Debating with my dad about religion, politics, anything... you should have seen the look on his face when I told him he should read "Blue Like Jazz" :)

18) Jon's cooking (seriously, he might have missed his calling as a chef)

19) Weddings

20) Thin crust pizza

21) Really good salads... no iceberg lettuce! I am a salad snob

22) Daisy Sue, when she cuddles with me on the couch

23) Netflix

24) Holidays... they are ALL my favorite!

25) A well-run non-profit... believe me, I know what one looks like

26) House special at the General Merc - Mexican mocha! Yum!

27) German chocolate - Milka, Rittersport

28) Facebook

29) Jasmin Tea and how it reminds me of Beijing

30) Flip Flops of all colors from Old Navy

31) Photography

32) Walks on a summer evening

33) Hiking Mt. Ascension

34) Shrimp wontons from Silver Star

35) Shopping trips with my mom

36) Reading biographies or memoirs

37) Amazing, strong women who rock in their careers

38) Caramel Cookie Waffle cheesecake and basically anything else on their menu.

39) PBS - not for the news, but for the concerts, documentaries, children's programming

40) Drudgereport - for the news

41) My friend's blogs

42) Old bookstores

43) Going to Costco with Jon

44) Target clearance sections

45) Outback Steakhouse cheese fries......mmmm.....

46) Hand-written letters on beautiful stationary

47) Gift giving

48) Lime margarita, blended with salt

49) Deep discussions over coffee

50) International Justice Mission

51) Dreaming about our baby... boy or girl?...

52) Asking questions

53) When Daisy comes home from the groomer

54) Loyal and trustworthy friends

55) Jon in a suit

56) Jon in sporty clothes ready for Saturday errands

57) Good Food Store in Missoula

58) In-season fruit (think watermelon and strawberries in the summer)

59) Broadway

60) Smell of our lilac bush in the late spring
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Julie said...


I LOVE these!! You had so many good ones and you are's hard to keep it to 60!

Barbara said...

I loved reading them, too! Aren't we all super fortunate to have such happy lives and wonderful husbands? I agree with Anthropologie being the greatest store. And, I think that we should have an Iron Chef cook off between Jon and Chuck!!

KT said...

You have inspired me! I'm going to do this, too! I miss you, Jessi, can't wait till our next coffee date.

Lindsay said...

You have a great list! I loved reading it. Now I need to write my own list of things to be thankful for!